jDoc's Blockchain EHR (ETH dApp)

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QUICKSTART INSTRUCTIONS: (see wiki for more) (reload)
1) Please use the Chrome browser or TrustApp
2) If not using the TrustApp, you need the Chrome MetaMask extension installed (or 'geth' running)
3) Choose the 'Rinkeby' network
4) Create a new wallet (or login) in MetaMask or TrustApp
5) Click here to get some testnet ether (after clicking, may take 1 minute)
6) Fill out the form below to create a record! (This is NOT HIPAA compliant yet)
8) Click 'Generate QRCode', then click 'Print Card'. Put it your wallet!
NOTE 1: Use passcode 'test' to decrypt the test records (1001 -> 1010)
NOTE 2: Records with a green background ... are YOURS!
NOTE 3: If something seems broken, reload this page (we are NOT bug-free ... yet)

WebClient ID:
MRN:  <-- to create a new record, enter an unused number here
>> Generate Awesome Passcode <<
(Your password MUST BE STRONG AND RANDOM! But don't worry ... it will be embedded in the QR code you print. You will never have to enter it manually)

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